Cadent's mission is to partner with proven management teams to build successful companies and create exceptional value and investment returns. Specifically, our mission revolves around three principles:

Generate Superior Risk Adjusted Returns for our Investors

Cadent's primary objective is to generate substantial long-term capital appreciation by utilizing a proven investment strategy and rigorous investment process, which were developed by Cadent’s Principals over an extended period, through numerous energy cycles and varied investment climates.

Build Long-Term Partnership with Management

Cadent is a strong believer in building long-term, win-win partnerships with entrepreneurs and management teams. We do not act solely as a provider of capital, but rather as a resource to management, providing multi-functional support to assist in executing their business plan.

Operate under the Highest Ethical Standards

Integrity and honesty are at the heart of our business and we maintain the highest ethical standards throughout our work. We expect our partners and management teams to maintain the same standards of conduct and ethics.