Cadent Energy Partners, LLC and its affiliated entities are committed to maintaining the confidentiality and security of your nonpublic personal information. To that end, we have developed internal policies to protect this confidentiality, while allowing us to serve your needs as investors.

We do not disclose nonpublic personal information about our investors to third parties other than as described below. We collect information and maintain nonpublic personal information from your subscription agreements, investor questionnaires or other forms that you submit to us, from your transactions with us, and from our meetings and other interactions with you (such as discussions or other contact with our staff via telephone, written correspondence, and electronic media). We only collect nonpublic personal information that we need in order to perform our investment management services. We may disclose your nonpublic personal information to our affiliates and to firms that assist us in servicing your account and that have need for such information, such as a banking institution, broker, custodian, lawyer, accountant or other professional service providers as permitted by law. We may provide certain information regarding our investors on an aggregate basis in order to complete investments of capital that we manage. Finally, we may distribute to all partners in the fund certain personal financial information, such as capital account information, as required or permitted under our Limited Partnership Agreement. We require third party service providers and financial institutions with which we have relationships to protect the confidentiality of your information and to use the information only for the purposes for which we disclose the information to them.

We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards designed to protect the nonpublic information we obtain from you.

We reserve the right to disclose nonpublic information regarding our investors to regulatory or law enforcement authorities if required to do so under the USA Patriot Act or other anti-money laundering statutes, if we are compelled to do so by legal process, or if we determine it is in our best interests to make disclosures in order to cooperate with regulatory or law enforcement authorities.

We do not sell nonpublic personal information and we do not provide nonpublic personal information to third parties for their own marketing purposes.

We will adhere to the policies and practices described in this notice regardless of whether you are a current or former investor.