Polyflow Holdings, LLC

Polyflow designs, manufactures and installs flexible composite pipelines for transporting hydrocarbons and rehabilitating steel pipelines. Polyflow's spoolable pipes are designed to get wells flowing fast and lower lease operating costs. Polyflow does this by building quality products, simplifying installation, and delivering superior field service. The company's popular Thermoflex® pipe uses a proprietary multi-layer Aramid fiber construction to lower permeation and improve chemical and temperature resistance. With its multi-layer Polyethylene – Polyamide design, its PE Flex pipe is the ideal choice for low pressure applications without the need to de-rate for hydrocarbon presence. For corrosive and harsh environments, Polyflow's Thermoflex® Plus pipe is equipped with a PPS layer for added chemical resistance over prolonged periods of time. Polyflow is headquartered in Midland, TX

Website: www.thermoflexpipe.com

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